All Pals Together For Board Games Heaven

The need to keep on top of the games and toy buying in this household has never been greater.  There is an incessant move towards all things  electronic.  Grandchildren have now swapped the books and card games of our youth – they seem perfectly at east just plugging in their earphones and playing a tactical game on the tablet, or in fact reading a book on there.    They are learning a different set of skills of course, but interaction between children in that generation is slowly getting lost.

The joy of asking a bunch of pals over and getting down favourite board games, puzzles or qizzes and having a really good tussle over them cannot be replaced so easily.  Oh the joy when mum brought out the snacks and a half time truce would be called!  I love choosing toys and games for youngsters – it is a really good excuse to jog the memory bank and return to some seriously joyous days !