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5 Sep

Playtime Takes Changeable Weather In It’s Stride

Wooh, well the change in the summer weather in this very tiny part of the world is quite astonishing.  We sailed through August with absolute amazement.  There was one small calm patch at the beginning, a little bit chilly but on the whole reliably warm once the overnight mists or rain had cleared.  This happy situation only lasted the first week or ten days, then back to the most frustrating mixed weather bag of all.   The toys out in the garden were especially welcomed after being cooped up indoors for a couple of extra weeks plenty of fun was to be had on the sunny warm school holidays.  Climbing frames very popular this year – possibly because one of the younger ‘royals’ had got a garden based fort and the press were treated to the royal ensemble partaking of this feature.  That one was a little more ambition than the local toy store’s version though!


1 Aug

All Pals Together For Board Games Heaven

The need to keep on top of the games and toy buying in this household has never been greater.  There is an incessant move towards all things  electronic.  Grandchildren have now swapped the books and card games of our youth – they seem perfectly at east just plugging in their earphones and playing a tactical game on the tablet, or in fact reading a book on there.    They are learning a different set of skills of course, but interaction between children in that generation is slowly getting lost.

The joy of asking a bunch of pals over and getting down favourite board games, puzzles or qizzes and having a really good tussle over them cannot be replaced so easily.  Oh the joy when mum brought out the snacks and a half time truce would be called!  I love choosing toys and games for youngsters – it is a really good excuse to jog the memory bank and return to some seriously joyous days !

8 Jun

Toy Emporium Knocks Pre Loved Stumps For Six

Making sure the summer months off school are happy, incident free, expenditure free and full of child happiness is possibly one of the most oft desires amongst mums, grans and childminders.  There is a definite need for children to get out there and explore during their play times.  In a recent waltz down my local high street, I ventured to each of the charity shops to see what they’d got by way of bouncy balls and old toy cricket themed toys.  I had a truly magical time talking to all the volunteers behind each counter.  I checked toy baskets, games and puzzles, all sorts of abandoned toys came thrust out to me.

Fun that this was however, there can be no alternative to getting to a proper legit toy emporium!  The choice of all my sought after items was fantastic – as was their quality.   The yearly match can proceed with decorum and a decent set of bales!

19 May

Toy Shop Drives Endless Beetle Based Fun

Oh the simple pleasures of a beetle drive – this was on the entertainment agenda of our local gathering of worthy females in the village here.   This is such a great sight – groups of usually serious ladies sat round a table, pencil and paper in front of them with a die in a cup, and the essential prize at hand.  The beetle drive commences.  As with all games, various rules prevail, like having to throw a six for the body to start, five for the head – you cannot draw the two antennae or 2 eyes until you’ve thrown that five . . . . . but with your body, you can draw each of the six legs, and the tail when each of the needed threes and four are thrown.  My word, it is a fast and furious game and all this fun from a simple game idea from a book bought in the much loved local toy shop!

4 Apr

Spring In The Air Brings Outside Play

There is nothing more thrilling than getting up, throwing off that quilt, swiping the curtains open and seeing glorious dewy sunshine filling the landscape as far as our eye can see.  However we are feeling prior to that moment, it matters not for the sight of that glorious sunlight instantly brings joy and prospects for a happy and warm few weeks ahead.

There are so many toys out there on the market only suited to indoor play – and many hundreds of these are likely to involve sitting on our sofas with controllers or playstation devices in hand and a massive screen ahead of us.  There is no doubt that the explosion of online gaming has changed the world of play – sometimes for the better, mentally perhaps.  But for all the oldies out there, nothing will ever be able to replace the joy to be had from outside play with a scooter, or those noisy but speedy roller skates and skipping ropes.  Whooh.  Heaven.

4 Jan

Spread The Joys Of Toys Throughout The Year

It seems unbelievable that the much longed for Christmas and New Year period has arrived, been dealt with and rapidly moved on – how did that happen?  We spend all that time getting ourselves geared up for it too   Almost before the summer holidays have arrived, and the children are pond dipping and beach combing or sitting on deck chairs by the villa pool, the matter of Christmas is never far away as shops start their campaigns as early as possible.  apparently to meet customer demand.

These days with so many different kinds of toys, games, hobbies etc. it is no longer just at Christmas time that we can revel in the joy of a gorgeously stocked toy shop.  There are birthdays throughout the year and asstores need support all year round, to combat these challenging trading conditions, we need to keep buying.  Spread the joy of toys and games all year long.

13 Sep

The Expert Toy And Game Shop That Saves Exasperated Shopping Trips

Certainly one of the greatest pleasures known to mankind, eclipsed only by the contented gurgles of that gorgeous new grandchild, is the contented gurgling of the proud parents of said child.  There is certainly a air of excitement attached to being let loose in the company of the cutest member of that set of circumstances. There is something truly special about going out on a designated day in December for the family Christmas presents.   Gran and Grandad go armed with a list, hastily sought from the parents of the child/children and then suddenly it gets super busy and wow, exhaustion sets in.  By 10 oclock, Grandad has had enough.

If only there was a sure fire way to get toys or gifware ideas online, the universal cheer heard from all the dads, grandads and uncles would be so deafening it could drown us all out .  The very thought is calming even now  – a specialist toy shop, one that really knows current trends, with every toy and game, on the market today.

11 Apr

Toys; A treasure for kids!!

Childhood is one of the beautiful phases in the lifespan of an individual. Some memories of childhood are so captivating and alluring that whenever we think about them, we experience flashbacks of a few seconds that trigger the journey down the memory lane. Things are so complicated yet so simple during the period of childhood, sometimes in the innocence; children don’t even realize the happiness and joy they give to their family members.

Importance of toys for children

And what gives joy to children? Well, the answer to this question cannot be confined to specific things. But, there are certain things that do bring smile to a kid’s space and that are toys. They are just mere creations of some artists or manufacturers of toy companies, but for children, they are their utmost pinnacle of treasure to which are attached to and for some there is urge to carry them always irrespective of the time and location.

2 Feb

Toys For Most Joy Are Usually Simplest

Toys are basically an object for the child to play with. They
are basically considered to be the duplication of something. Different types of
toys attract the eyes of the kids. Child psychologists are of the view that
that when a child plays with the toys he or she learns about the society and
life in an enjoyable way.

Assortment of toys

Toys are not available in one form but in multiple forms,
like: Puzzles, Dolls, Construction sets, Vehicles, Collectibles, Digital toys,
et cetera.

Protective measures

In some nations various limits have been executed for the
types of toys that are to be sold. Many little kids put the toys in their mouth
and so it has become important under law to use such materials in the toys
which are not harmful to the children. Led paint must be banished from use on
the toys because they are hazardous for the health.

22 Nov

Toys and their effect on boosting happiness in children

We all when young used to get elated due to a mere glimpse of a toy. Toys meant everything to us and were an integral part of our lives. Whether it was those hand-made elephants, horses or those electronic items like trains and remote cars, we loved them. A toy is a soul friend of a child. Toys are available at all prices and range.

Moreover, board games such as chess, agon, diamonds etc are the prime choices of youngsters as well as kids. Plus ludo is played on a larger platform and is being enjoyed by large number of kids.

  1. Many big companies like Funskool, Taitma manufacture toys on a big platforms and their sale is high in the developed cities.
  2. The toys are beautifully made keeping in mind the mindset of children and efforts are made to make them as safest as possible.