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5 Nov

From Mishapen Rusty Pile To Born Again Fun-Mobile

There’s a brilliant programme that I sometimes catch on a daytime lifestyle channel – one of those easy to watch little numbers that shows off the talents of artisans and skilled craftsmen and women.  The idea is that folk bring their dead and dying old pocessions such as toys, pictures, clocks etc. to the ‘Repair Shop’ and any one of the many specialist repairers and restorers is given the opportunity to show off their immense talent in bringing the article back to life.  I’ve seen some amazing transformations from seriously battered and mishapen items.  We see some of the processes and progress as the camera shifts from one expert job to another.  The expressions of gratitude and incredulity from the owers when they come to collect are priceless!  The programme is useful also for reminding everyone that new toys and future heirlooms are also available and out there in the best shops!

3 Oct

Playing Doctors & Nurses Needs More Dolls

At this time of year the summer sun and warmth has started to slip away and become just another fab memory.   Autmn slips in, quietly and without fuss and we start thinking seriously about Christmas and the New Year holidays.  Those toys and pastimes that we so used to look forward to receiving.  My sisters and I were always keen doll owners.  The thought that we might just have another playmate to add to our family of dolls, especially if it came with a whole wardrobe of clothes and accessories.  Our boy cousins used to sigh and eyes would go skywards at the very mention of such sissy, girly things.  But they joined in eventually, especially if we were playing doctors and hospitals, or car mechanics if they had their garage and toy cars around.  I now have several children in my extended family – I love toy buying for birthdays and Christmas!

13 Sep

Local Entrepreneur Gave Toy Cars Whole New Audience

I was reading a monthly magazine the other day when my eyes lit upon an article about the inventor of a particular brand of toy car from my youth.  I had no idea this chap was local to where I have been iving for the last 40 or so years.  The name of the toy is so well known, both here and overseas, that I naturally assumed it was a massive conglomerate from the US.    This chap had started his toy empire many years ago after being injured when in his early twenties.  In his frastration at not being able to carry on usual fun and sporting activities, he set about mending a few old toys of his own.  He then produced some super duper fast track motor toys – based on the modern car of his day, these were fantastic working models – he had a ready market and never looked back.  Folk stayed with a brand in those days!

7 Aug

Unexpected Discovery Of Model Railway Joy

There’s something wonderful about sharing a coach trip with several folk you’ve never met before but you find  you have a lot in common with.  this happens to everyone at some time or another when they go abroad for a short holiday.  We all seem to go into over drive with the polite niceness.   This definitely happened to me recently on a coach trip to germany, I knew no one when I got on the first of 3 feeder coaches . . . . .  but after the first day of heavy travelling was over, and we wer on our first true excursion, I bonded with one couple who’s enthusiasm for life and anything new was utterly infectious.  They had me trolling around looking at toy trains and model kits galore.  Neither have I done much of before but with these new buddies, it opened my eyes to the fantastic world of model railways and everything that they encompass.

3 Mar

Getting The Right Toy Or Game Needs Careful Thought

Oh how playing games can be the most wonderful way of spending any spare time.  Of course, as a child, there is no need for spare time.  A child has to go to nursery, so play time is essential in their daily routine.  Not necessarily to just make the child happy, but to help development and to bring a touch of social awareness into their lives.   For some children, life at home can be a sorrowful experience and often the atmosphere at nursery school or child minder is their only escape.  To playt a really close competitive game though would be absolutely out of the question.  A child under stress will never be able to cope with that kind of pressure.  Board games, gently explained can also present rather a challenge.   Whenever a specific kind of toy or game is needed, it is worth speaking to a really good established retailer – they can advice best ideas.

2 Feb

Old Fashioned Toys Can Be Made Gender Neutral

There is a young neice in my extended family – and much fun is being had by all of us older folk who no longer have kiddies around to buy any presents or toys for.  We have just had Christmas and of course, there were piles of presents to be shared around the gaggle of relatives.  Needless to say, the largest pile by miles was for the smallest member.  Many different kinds of toys were ripped open and looked at briefly, disgarded and left by the wayside in favour the of the cardboard cartons they came in.    I’m ignoring any dictates on not buying girly toys.  Every toy is worthy of its place and lots of life lessons start early – getting into the swing of laundry day with a toy kitchen set up that includes the washer and dryer, instilling picking up of clothes to wash them can work with boys as well as girls.

10 Jan

Toddler Toy Quest Recalls Childhood Joys

We have just enjoyed another busy Christmas and new year period – this time though we had the joy of a toddler to spoil and be enthralled by.  It was hearing about the tot’s exploits, working out how to unwrap the gifts, the shortest route to success, that was the most amusing.  Of course, as is always the case, the actual contents of the boxes recovered from the ripping and shredding exercise were less interesting than the cartons – nothing new there then!  the point though for all of us somewhat jaded adults, was seeing the innocent joy on the toddler’s face when encounraged to show us all what was inside each box.  The vast selection of toys was impressive, only one minor duplication!  What pleased me was that each giver had thoroughly enjoyed looking for their gift, really remembering their own very happy childhood christmas experiences.  They even recalled some of the reasons for the celebration !

2 Nov

Without The Bails – It Just Isn’t Cricket

Oh the joys of playing with proper toys when you get the chance!  There are some great kids that live in my neighbourhood – all ages from late teens down to the tiny tots.  Most of the time I don’t see them at all – they get ferried to and from school in the family taxi, scurrying in from car to house.  Weekends are much the same, not very much evidence of childhood existence.  But lately there has been a very obvious shift away from the electronic gizmo entertainment that keeps them so silently hidden.  We have enjoyed belated cricket on the village green – someone was obviously bought two sets of bails during the summer!  I have enjoyed watching the various dads collectively rying to remind themselves of their own happy teen years – showing off their bowling skills.  I hope this theme continues, it’s wonderful to hear and see families really enjoying quality playtime!

7 Mar

Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know about Shopping


Shopping is considered to be the best friend of a female and in some cases, for males as well. People love to shop for gadgets, clothing, utensils, et cetera. In today’s era, online shopping has become quite popular. You do not have to rush to the stores and struggle among the crowds of people to buy the goods. Now you can easily sit back with your laptop or mobile before you and choose from among the various categories of the goods that are made available. Money can be paid through online transaction facility or after the delivery is made.


Gifts are one of the best assets that can strengthen your relationship with the person whom you are giving it. Gifts must be given in accordance to the age of the person. You must also see to it that the gift that you are presenting the person with has some of it or not. You can order the unique gifts though online stores as well.

8 Jan

Perfect Children Gifts for Small State Homes

In term of materials, the common children toys include wooden toys, metal toys, cloth toys and stuffed toys etc. In terms of function, the educational toys are most popular with parents. This bedroom range consists of 5 large storage drawers with plenty of space to keep your clothes, children toys and other useful items. New England 5 Drawer Chest gives a sense of modern simplicity and extra stability and ease of use. So give your garden a natural appearance . Blister Packaging is used for pharmaceutical, consumer, and industry goods. Beds are not just employed as furniture for sleeping on but, they also serve as decorative furniture’s as well as quite a few other purposes. Divan beds are a distinct style of bedroom furniture.

For the big beds, the other end can form an additional drawer which is usually slide to open. There are many things one can store in the base; bed sheets, added clothes, young children toys and a lot of other items might be stored inside the base of the bed. For that cause let us appear at the pros and cons of divan beds. Advantages and disadvantages of divan beds Seeking in the brighter side of divan beds, they may be readily available inside the range of sizes from the smaller beds towards the super king size beds. However, some toys mark the alarming information with small characters. Besides those quality problems, we may ignore some dangers of toys.

Second, game toys: on the base of improving children’s cognitive ability, to train children’s hands-on ability, mental ability, develop their thinking, exercise hand-eye coordination skills and operation ability. Third, digital counting and writing toys: in the process of training big motor skills, train children’s fine motor, inspire children’s accurate understanding of shape, number and amount, to practice muscle flexibility. You can discover low prices on cedar garden benches and furniture from a choice of brands stores, eBay, and Amazon. With property cost at an all time low, the time has never been better to start fixing up your home do it yourself, and see your property add to its value even more as the market turns . Some of the exciting products of KidKraft are KidKraft rocket ship and submarine sets loaded with exciting and interactive features. When parents buy their children toys what are they really looking for?