Lack Of WiFi Created Game & Playtime Heaven

Having just returned from a family jauant down to the wet country, where we were housed in two small cottages with walls ten inches thick and low rooflines, it was momentarily fab to get back to normal communiations and use of phones.  Although the holiday was tremendous fun, there were times when one of our number needed daily business dealings.

But all was not lost – in the cabinet next to the quaint old fireplace was a brilliant selection of jigsaws and board games.  Yeah – salvation.  This made us realise how much fun it is when you can’t sit just staring down at a screen on a lap.  We had such a laugh, playing strategic games needing thought, guile and not a small amount of complete bare faced cheek.   We played ludo, snakes and ladders, Salem (bizarre role play game taking its toll on our limited acting skills).  We also had skittles, footballs, tennis raquets etc.  A truly exhiliarating few days!