Old Familiar Sharing Games Replacing Choc-Fest

I have spent a gloriously happy easter weekend away from home staying with relatives.  There were no children around and although it was busy, it did seem to be missing this essential element.  We made up for it though, happily joking and playing around as grown up kiddies might!  The amount of chocolate scoffed was much less than in the day when my siblings and I managed to eat our way through 3 eggs before lunch!  The children today seem less likely to be demanding of the chocolate egg – they seem perfectly happy with a new toy or a game that can be shared with pals.   Outside my house beyond the normal driveway, there is plenty of safe area and children the other side of us really love this.  Perfect for playing black jack, skipping and hopscotch.  All these fabulously old fashioned games have come back into fashion big time.