Playtime Takes Changeable Weather In It’s Stride

Wooh, well the change in the summer weather in this very tiny part of the world is quite astonishing.  We sailed through August with absolute amazement.  There was one small calm patch at the beginning, a little bit chilly but on the whole reliably warm once the overnight mists or rain had cleared.  This happy situation only lasted the first week or ten days, then back to the most frustrating mixed weather bag of all.   The toys out in the garden were especially welcomed after being cooped up indoors for a couple of extra weeks plenty of fun was to be had on the sunny warm school holidays.  Climbing frames very popular this year – possibly because one of the younger ‘royals’ had got a garden based fort and the press were treated to the royal ensemble partaking of this feature.  That one was a little more ambition than the local toy store’s version though!