Toy Shop Drives Endless Beetle Based Fun

Oh the simple pleasures of a beetle drive – this was on the entertainment agenda of our local gathering of worthy females in the village here.   This is such a great sight – groups of usually serious ladies sat round a table, pencil and paper in front of them with a die in a cup, and the essential prize at hand.  The beetle drive commences.  As with all games, various rules prevail, like having to throw a six for the body to start, five for the head – you cannot draw the two antennae or 2 eyes until you’ve thrown that five . . . . . but with your body, you can draw each of the six legs, and the tail when each of the needed threes and four are thrown.  My word, it is a fast and furious game and all this fun from a simple game idea from a book bought in the much loved local toy shop!